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TranslationTranslation Fees 

Translation Fees
(All fees are GST inclusive and in Australian dollars)

We are experts in using Unicode for multilingual documents and especially webpages for multilingual websites. Followings are fees for hard copy document only. Please request quotes for web Unicode translations, setting and design.  

One document of less than 100 words

(Birth certificate, marriage certificate…)

$ 50.00 per document

From all languages into English

$ 33.00 per 100 words

From English into Roman script

(French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish …)

$ 33.00 per 100 words

From English into non-Roman script

(Arabic, Chinese Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Laos, Macedonian, Persian, Russian, Serbian, Thai & Vietnamese, etc…)

$ 36.00 per 100 words



Additional charge of $ 20.00

Checking Translation

50 % of translation fee


30 % of translation fee

Urgent Service (request to return translated document in less than 5 working days for short document)

25 % on top of translation fee

If the translation job is estimated at over 1500 words then a deposit of 50% of quotation is required. The balance of fees are payable on collection of document.

TranslationTranslation Fees
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