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Web ServicesPricing $ 

Website Translators Multilingual Web Development and hosting plans:

Your first year fee is calculated as followings (All fees are in Australian dollars):

Website hosting: 500 MB of file storage space
10 GB/ monthly bandwidth for traffic to your site
Free domain name registration (for .com, .net, .org)
Please read reference below same as the Standard hosting plan
Design and CMS: Create and design of your web site with up to 3000 words of text free of charge. You can add information, files, photos, music, audio, video later on your own through the provided CMS. All data are stored in database using CMS (Content Management System) with ASP, ASP.NET and Access or SQL Server database. Website is multilingual enabled using Unicode. $500.00
  GST $70.00
  Total cost for the first year of your website: $770.00
Australian domain: If Australian domain is required add $50.00 (for 2 years)  

From the second year on, you only pay for your annual website hosting and maintenance:

Website hosting

+ Domain (non Australian domain)


Web Service

+ Maintenance






From the second year on ward your annual website cost is:


Updated: June 2007


Web ServicesPricing $
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